About us

point 12Holland High-tech Center(China) is a non-profit organization working with standard local for-profit companies. It offers Dutch companies the exact infrastructure that enables them to concentrate on their business from day one and meet the requirements of SME companies settling in China, namely minimizing risks, enable long-term planning and utilizing synergies efficiently. For this reason Holland High-tech Center offers office and industrial space at stable conditions as well as in-depth counseling focusing on practical matters.

Dutch companies can utilize the Administrative and Business Support Services, conference facilities, exhibition space and event management services. Numerous local service providers such as lawyers, tax advisors are at hand. Dutch companies have access to good sources of information, establish contacts and can benefit from the experience of local entrepreneurs at events organized by Holland High-tech Center.

The Centre fosters its good relationships with the Dutch and Chinese trade associations and institutions, which results in an excellent reputation as the interface between the Dutch and the local business community.

The Mission of Holland High-tech Centre is to provide a global strategic advantage to SMEs entering the Chinese markets by ensuring most competitive local operations and by systematically:

* Reducing market entry time
* Reducing costs and investments
* Reducing business risks

In addition, Holland High-tech Center is active:

* Facilitating Dutch-Chinese trade, know-how transfers and investments
* Contributing significantly to the enhancement of the Dutch image in China
* Talent scouting and talent exchange

Holland High-tech Center services are composed of the following building blocks of activities:

* Administrative and Business Services
* Business Development, Sales and After Sales Services