Boschman Technologies, a solution driven company serving the semiconductor assembly industries worldwide. Boschman Technologies is an experienced and dynamic high-tech company serving the global semiconductor assembly industry providing quality solutions for all your packaging needs. Boschman Technologies is founded in 1990 and based in Duiven (near Arnhem in The Netherlands) in a modern, well-equipped facility on the ‘Nieuwgraaf’ industry park.


ALSI is the world’s leading provider of laser dicing systems for the semiconductor manufacturing industry. These systems are essential for the production of integrated circuits or microchips meeting the electronic consumers demands such as: increased functionality; reduced size; cost reduction.


APC is focused on supporting customers with their packaging development. In the area of MEM’s, Sensors, LED’s and advanced IC’s, our patented molding technology Film Assist Molding (FAM) can offer more flexibility to the design options for the customer. Our FAM Technology (initially developed by Boschman Technologies) is in production for over 10 years and has already an extensive number of different products qualified. The application range is wide from consumer electronics to automotive and medical industry.


Assembléon, originally part of Philips Electronics Netherlands, is a global developer and manufacturer of assembly equipment used in the electronics industries. In 2011, private equity firm H2 Equity Partners bought an 80% interest in the company.



Durasolar is a Dutch importer and wholesale supplier of high-end brand solar energy systems, comprising solar panels, inverters, mounting systems and all related products. Additionally, Durasolar coordinates, and develops turn-key medium to large scale solar projects in the Netherlands and abroad. The solar panels are increasingly sold through our partners and are increasingly invested in, without any subventions.



NedCard was founded in the Netherlands in 1995. It was the first independent Smart Card module assembly and testing facility to produce a broad range of micro-controller, memory, dual-interface and contactless modules. NedCard has undergone a strong growth in the last few years with double-digit increase in volumes every year. NedCard is a global manufacturer with cost-efficient “state-of-the-art” plants in Europe and Asia. The company aims at maintaining its leading global position as an independent reel-to-reel module assembly and testing facility for the Smart Card, RFID and related markets.



MASER Engineering, founded in 1993, is an independent engineering service company operating in the semiconductor and electronic systems industry. Reliability Test and Diagnostic services are offered to a wide range of customers that are active as Fabless Semiconductor or Integrated Device Manufacturers, automotive electronics supplier or in Aerospace and Space applications.




Sempro Technology is original set-up by a group of engineers which worked more than 20 years in the high precision and electronic market.During these years they have developed several equipment and tooling for the back-end in the Semiconductor industry.


TNO Companies is a holding company for all the privately owned TNO divisions (about ninety companies). Its main task is to commercialise and exploit knowledge resources.



TU Delft cooperates with many other educational and research institutions, both in the Netherlands and abroad. The high quality of our research and teaching is renowned. TU Delft has numerous contacts with governments, trade associations, consultancies, industry and small and medium-sized companies.