Vison & Mission

Dutch companies and knowledge institutes in the high-tech systems and materials (HTSM) sector are renowned for their technological excellence and are leaders in their market segments. 

The desire to promote the ‘Holland High-Tech’ brand internationally, and therefore the HTSM sector as a whole, is shared by the industry (large OEMs and suppliers), knowledge institutes (universities and leading institutes) and the Dutch national and regional governments. High-end technology companies are interested in increasing their export turnover, creating new markets for their products, and developing concepts and ideas. Ageing and a shrinking base of young people in the Netherlands mean that these companies are looking for new workers: foreign knowledge workers (golden heads) and skilled workers/know how (golden hands). They are also searching for international ventures. Knowledge institutes are looking for good teachers and students but are also interested in working with other (international) leading knowledge institutes and industry partners. The Dutch government aims to boost the Dutch economy by attracting companies and improving the trade balance. Economic diplomacy is one way of attracting business and lowering potential trade barriers. HTSM aims to double its export turnover from € 32 billion in 2009 to € 77 billion in 2020.


The Netherlands’ centuries-old tradition of creativity, pragmatism, entrepreneurship, openness and collaboration is a perfect fit for the HTSM sector. Examples of Dutch ingenuity range from the sawmill through to the screw pump, from the microscope through to the submarine, from the 6-cylinder engine through to the variomatic and from navigation systems through to systems that transform waste and food crops into energy. These qualities make the Netherlands the perfect place to find solutions to the challenges society is facing today in the areas of health and wellness, security, renewable energy, mobility and the climate (water, environment, climate change mitigation and climate adaptation). Solutions that, due to the complexity of the challenges, are primarily found by cross-overs in technology and collaboration. The Netherlands is and intends to remain one of the top players in the high-tech sector.


HTSM aims to make sure that all technology-oriented channels, meaning companies, industry organizations and embassies know that the Netherlands is the place to be for everything high tech. That the Netherlands is recognized around the world for its products, knowledge and concepts. That the Netherlands is the country for high-end jobs for foreign knowledge workers (golden heads), skilled workers/know how (golden hands) and education. For research and development in the area of technology and innovation. For collaboration and technology partnerships. A country that offers excellent business conditions for domestic and foreign technology companies alike. An attractive place to live and work for entrepreneurs, researchers and students.


What does the Dutch high-tech systems and materials sector offer?

A pragmatic total solution to technological challenges – from system architecture through to production – for products that are needed to solve today’s social challenges and that are sold on the international market. And, of course, the related services. Working with the Dutch and with Dutch companies is a win-win situation for all involved. You not only gain access to leading technology, you also gain access to the top players in your league.