It was developed in the early 1940s by Boeing and its advanced features put the new bomber in a league of its own. Basically, it looked better than it performed making it perfect for wealthy enthusiasts looking for a pretty aircraft to add to their collection. wwii 1932 curtis wright 11’ airplane fabric section for sale $1175. A U.S. Air Force F-4 flies with the 82d Aerial Targets Squadron over White Sands Missile Range. Don’t want the hassle of owning the real thing? If you love the P-51 then check out this simple P-51 Mustang T-shirt on Amazon. A powerful fighter jet that could go toe to toe with bombers at high altitudes and effectively combat enemy jet fighters needed. 40 different countries operate it today. Grab this Hawker Hunter Model Aircraft Kit. These test aircraft were attached to the 19th Tactical Air Support Squadron, 504th Tactical Air Support Group at Bien Hoa Air Base in South Vietnam. It is still used by the Austrian Air Force, but has been retired by Sweden after nearly 40 years of use. The F9Fs were mostly pulled from front-line service in the mid-1950s but some were used for training purposes in the following few years. Without further chatter, here’s the list of military aircraft for sale. Don’t want the hassle of owning the real thing? At high altitudes, the Tornado can reach Mach 2.2 speeds and at sea level, it maxes out at around 900 miles per hour. However, the Mustang performed much more than those duties. We don't know about any in-box reviews for this Vietnam Aircraft Revetment Sections (#260) from Verlinden Productions. The Spitfire had several different variants with several different wing designs, but an esteemed 50 Supermarine Spitfire’s remain airworthy today. Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21; Fairchild C-123 Provider; Lockheed C-141 Starlifter; Bell AH-1; Sikorsky H-34; Lockheed EC-121 Warning Star; As a supersonic jet fighter, the F-A Freedom Fighter maxes out at over 1,000 miles per hour, making this plane one of the faster military aircraft for sale. That longevity is a testament to Douglas’ engineering and quality. Three are located in Portland, Oregon at Premier Space Systems which perform public and private sub-orbital atmospheric space launch services. The Zero had legendary numbers in air kills after entering combat service in 1940. If you love this aircraft then you’ll probably love this Aircraft Nose Art T-shirt. For Sale: A Vietnam Veteran Bell UH-1 B “Huey” Helicopter – $165,000 USD Reading time: about 3 minutes. Nonetheless, according to the FAA, there are ten privately owned F-104 Starfighters in the US. Photo taken on November 16, 1960. Recents auctions have placed the price of a Douglas DC-3 around $250,000 for civilian purchase. The North American Aviation T-6 Texan is a two-seat advanced trainer. These restored Mustangs can fetch upwards of $1 million on the aviation market. How much will one of these aircraft set you back? Single-engined with straight wings, the Panther was a capable day fighter with the ability to carry a wide array of air to ground weapons. This is the only privately owned F-4 Phantom II capable of flight in the world, and it’s currently for sale. Several A-4 Skyhawks formally with Marine Attack Squadron 214 sit aboard Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Ariz. However, that doesn’t make owning one any less exciting. Therefore, Swedish manufacturer Saab developed the 35 Draken. The avionics are in the nose, the engine is in the fuselage, and the fuel is in the wings. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Grab this awesome F4U Corsair T-shirt. Search aircraft for sale for free! Unsave Save. Despite still being used by some military forces today, the MiG 21 is a military aircraft for sale that can be purchased for private ownership all over the world. The most-produced aircraft by the British during World War II, the Supermarine Spitfire was also the only aircraft produced continually throughout the war. But consider grabbing this Douglas A-4 Model Aircraft Kit. 15,495 Texans were made. Dealers may post individual vehicles for sale or use our dealer import feature. The current price for a Zero Fighter is unknown. The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk was originally developed to replace the A-1 Skyraider for the US Navy. It proved to be in a league of its own. The P-51 has recently become a highly sought after warbird with complete, historically accurate restoration becoming an industry of its own. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Additional information is available in this. The British decided to employ it as an advanced training aircraft soon after ordering the first six test aircraft. The Hawker Siddeley Harrier was developed by Hawker Siddeley for the Royal Air Force (RAF) in the 1960s. It was intended to satisfy a multitude of combat roles and became a staple of many European militaries. A recent Spitfire sold at auction for 2.5 million Euro, which equates to nearly $3 million. The Corsair, depending on the specific aircraft, was built by either Vought, Chance or Goodyear. Also adjacent to the start of the Highway of Heroes running from Trenton to Toronto. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order (1-to-Z). Additionally, the aircraft was heavily exported and became a staple for a multitude of Allied nation’s militaries. Some variants of the Huey acted as MedEvac, some transported supplies and personnel, and some engaged in air assault. Like the Sukhoi Su-27, the Mikoyan MiG 29 was developed by the Soviet Union to combat the American F-16 in the 1970s. The F4U Corsair was built under license by Goodyear at times, and a recent Goodyear FG-1D Corsair had a price tag of $4.1 million. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Hispano Buchon. The C-46 was one of the first military aircraft to include pressurized cabins, a novelty at the time. Courtesy Aircraft Sales currently has a beautifully restored P-40K Warhawk for sale for $1.775 million. Saab designed the aircraft to be able to perform tail-down landings in order to achieve that goal. A Hawker Hunter parks prior to being displayed for visiting Armed Forces of the Philippines Service members hosted by the U.S. Marines assigned to 3rd Marine Expeditionary Brigade, III Marine Expeditionary Force during Amphibious Landing Exercise 2013 (PHIBLEX 2013) at Subic Bay International Airport, Zambales, Republic of the Philippines, Oct. 13, 2012. Well, here it is. The Gnats have been retired from military service for some time now. Three main variants were produced: the IDS (interdictor/strike), the ADV (air defense) and the ECR(electronic warfare/reconnaissance). Aircraft for sale in Mexico at That’s a steal compared to the Huey’s latest versions, which run about $25 million per aircraft. Later, the B-29 performed a variety of jobs including weather reconnaissance and in-flight refueling. The Tucano is operated primarily at RAF Linton-on-Ouse. In Finland, the Gnat set a record for the country as being the first to exceed the speed of sound. It soon found a market as an airliner, military transport, and utility aircraft. It’s top speed over Mach 2.2 combined with its ability to carry over 18,000 pounds of munitions struck fear into a lot of its enemies. The aircraft proved important and effective in the Falklands War. The GR.3 was a single-engine, single-seat jet measuring 46 feet in length with a 25 foot wingspan. In addition to aerial performances, the event also included static displays of various aircraft. A third-party browser plugin, such as Ghostery or NoScript, is preventing JavaScript from running. Aircraft O-2A Glossary Resources Contact : O-1 Bird Dog OV-10 Bronco USAF Fixed-Wing Gunships US Aircraft Used In Vietnam Aerial Munitions: O-2A Skymaster C123 / UC-123 Provider NMUSAF Vietnam War Aircraft Collection US Aircraft in Used in Vietnam F4C Flight Manual : USAF Fighter Pilot Personal Equipment 0 Aircraft for Sale in Vietnam. The OV-1 was finally retired from the US Army in 1996, but it remains one of the most exciting military aircraft for sale that civilians can get their hands on. Find airplanes for sale in all regions of Mexico. Many aspects of the North American F-86 Sabre were borrowed from the engineering tactics of the Me-262. The countries had two different purposes for developing the jet. Blades will spin, but the 1965 UH-1E Huey gunship is … The Patrouille de France lands at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois to refuel before moving on to their next Air Show April 20, 2017. The specs go something like this: 40 foot long with a 31-foot wingspan, Ivchenko-Progress AI-25TL high-bypass turbofan engine with around 3800 lbs of thrust, a range of over 650 miles and it can fly for two and a half hours with internal fuel only. Messerschmitt’s legendary Bf-109 fighter G-variant was the idea behind the Buchon’s design. The P-51 Mustang is a North American classic, originally built for the British during World War II as a medium-altitude fighter. Japanese Navy staff directed Mitsubishi and Nakajima to submit proposals in 1937 for a new aircraft to replace the Mitsubishi A5M carrier fighter. The last propeller-driven fighter aircraft ever used with the Royal Navy, the Hawker Sea Fury saw a lot of combat time in the Korean War. There are a few reasons this might happen: To regain access, please make sure that cookies and JavaScript are enabled before reloading the page. The aircraft could carry 32 troops or two Jeeps or similar This tiny “pocket fighter” was also built from the ground up as nimble dog-fighter. It was the first Second Generation jet trainer to be produced. A U.S. Army Grumman OV-1C Mohawk (s/n 60-3750) in flight. The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG 21 has been a staple in military air forces around the world since its introduction in 1959. By continuing to use this website, you are agreeing to our Cookie Policy. Still active in remote locations like the Artic, the C-46 Commando was a military transport/cargo aircraft used most heavily during the mid-1940s. Don’t want the hassle of owning the real thing? Buy and sell planes and helicopters online at Maxing out at just under 700 miles per hour and regarded as one of the great early fighters (the UK produced around 2000 of them), military aviation enthusiasts would be happy to get their hands on one of these military aircraft for sale. If you plan on owning AND flying one of these, you’ll probably need to get your hands on a Talon T-38, a training aircraft also developed by Northrop, that is directly based on the F-5. They have been exported to over 30 other nations, with India topping the list as the largest export operator. Lockheed’s F-104 “Starfighter” was first introduced in the late 1950s and was active in militaries across the globe until the early 2000s. Can't find what you're looking for? Don’t want the hassle of owning the real thing? Younger jet-trained pilots had difficulty being re-educated for the radial engine taildragger. Using aircraft to observe the battlefield quickly became an incredible asset to mission planning. If you are lucky enough to own a flyable Panther, you’re in slim company as there are only two privately owned F9Fs in the US, with only one being airworthy. Post your Military vehicle's & equipment for sale on our easy-to-use online classifieds platform. Privacy Policy. In-box reviews. 4. FOR SALE: 1/600 WWII, Vietnam, and Modern Aircraft Collections All, I was upstairs to make some clean space so I could, ya know, actually get some gaming in, and I noticed something: it's getting harder and harder to make a clean space. Most of the Allied pilots who flew in World War II learned at least one thing or another inside a T-6. The Marine Corps Reserve provided airlift and close air support to Alpha Company soldiers of 1-114. Most importantly, at least to outnumbered NATO nations facing the vast might of the Warsaw Pact, this fighter was incredibly cheap. The aircraft for sale include: A300-600, B737-400, B747-400, A340-500, A340-600, B777-200 and B777-300. Thai Airways have listed 34 used passenger aircraft for sale. Within the last decade, the Soviet-era Sukhoi SU-27 became an aircraft for sale to civilians. While the P-80 only saw production of around 1,700, the T-Bird proved much more scalable on the military market and around 7,000 were produced for a number of nations around the world. Grab this MiG 21 Model Aircraft Kit. The Hawker Hurricane, which is also on this list, was superseded by the Spitfire as World War II went on. So it was decided to elongate the P-80 fuselage to add a second tandem seat. This little plane had some very impressive performance features that solidified its place in several nation’s air forces around the world. The F-5 Freedom fighter aircraft represented a breakthrough in air combat technology. The DC-3 was reduced the C-41 for military purposes and served as a VIP transport aircraft. Buy and sell planes and helicopters online at Panavia Tornado at the National Museum of the United States Air Force. It combined most of the hi-tech avionics and performance of more expensive aircraft like the F-4 Phantom with low-operating costs equivalent to the Russian Mig-21. Civil production on the DC-3 ended in 1942, but several hundreds if not thousands are still in flying condition today. The long-lasting nature of this aircraft is a testament to it’s engineering and design. Grab this Harrier Model Aircraft Kit. However, this military aircraft for sale can now be purchased as a warbird for those who can afford the nearly $200,000 price tag. The fuel is carried internally, so this stripped version of the SU-27 is the lightest and fastest of its kind. Until July of 2016, there was only one Superfortress that was still capable of flying by the name of “Fifi”. The US, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Spain, and many other nations all flew F-104s at some point in time during its 40-plus years of operation. A Curtiss P-40 Warhawk, at the Geneseo Airshow. The aircraft was heavily exported, serving in a large number of other military units around the world. Don’t want the hassle of owning the real thing? The Mustang was key in reconnaissance missions. Shop online for over 200 vietnam war airplane model kits at discounts up to 56%.1/70-1/79 Scale is the most popular of the 7 vietnam war airplane model kits categories, then 1/40-1/49 Scale, and Model Helicopter. Featured Listing. Other aircraft of the same era were the DC-4 and Boeing Stratoliner. The French were very happy with the performance of the E variant. While it was built to rival the F-15, it comes in at over 10 feet longer and 5 feet wider than its competitor. By 1966, the escalating war in Vietnam was decimating the Douglas A-1 Skyraider, a World War II-era attack aircraft. The Corsair’s success in air-to-air combat against the Japanese Zero aircraft was legendary. War Plane Aircraft for Sale : View our entire inventory of New Or Used War Plane airplanes and even a few new non-current models on • Twenty Eight (28) Aircraft offered for sale to the general public • Plus a hangar full of Aviation equipment & parts also for sale • All bidding is done online & the reserve price for all items is just AUS $9.00 ! It was also used in the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion.

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