Any help would be appreciated. It was an early war bolt which was what I needed. You may get the value, but it's not an original if you go down that path. It was made for trainer rifles that fired wooden bullets to teach schoolkids to be soldiers. It also ca… The Type 99 eventually became the standard bolt-action rifle of the Imperial Japanese Army. JAPANESE ARISAKA BOLT ACTION RIFLE, 6.5 caliber, JAPANESE ARISAKA BOLT ACTION RIFLE, .30-06, Lot consists of WWII period Japanese Arisaka, A lot of two Japanese Arisaka Type 99 short, A Japanese Arisaka Type 38 bolt action rifle $26.99. No Preference. This is a discussion on Found an Arisaka type 99 within the Foreign forums, part of the Gun Forum category; 7.62, Using a clean cotton cloth, you can probably apply the Sno-Seal without removing the sling. It was a redesign of the Type 38 in a larger caliber, 7.7 Japanese. The Type 99 rifle Arisaka or Type 99 short rifle (九九式短小銃, Kyūkyū-shiki tan-shōjū) was a bolt-action rifle of the Arisaka design used by the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II . see all. I would try to find a real Type 30 bayonet. You are considering a vintage Japanese Arisaka Type 99 chambered for 7.7x58mm Arisaka. Description Serial # 6716. Condition. The Type 99 was chambered for the 7.7x58mm Arisaka Cartridge and had a length of about 1.1 meters. These rifles include: The Type 99 Long Rifle, the Type 99 Short Rifle, the Type 99 Carbine, the Type 99 Naval Special, the Type 100 Paratroop Rifle, and the Type 2 Paratroop Rifle. Japanese Arisaka Type 38 bolt action rifle. WWII, Japanese Arisaka Training Rifle. Found an Arisaka type 99. This video shows the various stages of the Type 99 Arisaka, the main Japanese battle rifle of World War II, and some of the things to look for when buying one. Comprising: A lot of three bolt action military rifles Does anyone know a link, or maybe have info on manufacture dates by serial number, for Arisaka rifles ? Coomprising: Japanese Type 30 Arisaka "Hook Safety" Rifle. More common are the Type 99 short rifles, which use 7.7mm Japanese. 1 Day Shipping. From hunters and military members, to competition shooters and general firearm enthusiasts, we welcome anyone who values and respects the way of the firearm. Greasemonkey wrote:I haven't seen many Type 99 stocks for sale retail/parts or otherwise, if making it original again is your goal, I would locate a cheap type 99 with good wood and a ground mum.You may get even get lucky and find some one who did a sporter job and have one floating around. Japanese Arisaka Type 99 bolt action rifle. Click on one of the links below to download a PDF with about as much information that can possibly be obtained (especially for the short rifle). Click on the results to view more details $69.95. Serial. With bipod. 00. (displays a limited sampling of the millions of priced results in our database), ...many more examples with full details are available to our members - Learn more, Two Iwo Jima-captured Arisaka Bolt-action. Ending Saturday at 7:09PM PST 3d 15h. The Type 99 is the Type 44 cavalry carbine, a variant of the Arisaka rifle for cavalry that was fitted with a folding bayonet. At right is a Type 99 7.7mm sniper rifle. Japanese Arisaka Type 99 Bolt Assembly. Japanese Arisaka Type 99 Accessory Kit, Repro. **, Arisaka rifle marked with Japanese script, Arisaka Type 99 rifle marked with Imperial, Arisaka Type 99 rifle marked with defaced, Japanese Arisaka Type 99 7.7 mm bolt-action, *WWII Japanese Arisaka Type 99 Bolt Action, German WWII Late War Police Helmet and Bayonets, Japanese Arisaka Rifle and Bayonet, c. early. Used. $11.00. It has no blade and was unsharpened. That's why it's lacking markings. You are considering a vintage Japanese Arisaka Type 99 chambered for 7.7x58mm Arisaka. Posted by David Schutz on Sep 23rd 2020 I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was.

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