thank you so much for these lessons,I’m greatful. I stoped watching the bird (I don’t watch the bird anymore)/ I stoped to watch the bird (I don’t walk anymore – I watch the bird). admit, appreciate, avoid, carry on, consider, defer, delay, deny, detest, dislike, endure, enjoy, escape, excuse, face, feel like, finish, forgive, give up, can’t help, imagine, involve, leave off, mention, mind, miss, postpone, practice, put off, report, resent, risk, can’t stand, suggest, understand. Those who just like splashing about in the water before lying on the beach or round the pool go swimming. “Do you mind to open the documents for the presentation?” snowboard is a noun . But I like a challenge – I swim … Thank You. czerpiesz z tego przyjemność. Have nice day miss Ronnie! Is the above sentence correct? Thanks Ronnie I adore learning on EngVid, and do my best to practise the quizzes. So you can use “He”. Hi Adorable Ronnie, I would like you to explain why people often use this in letter writing? thank you. I want to … That’s why you can put them at the beginning of the sentence, where they work as the subject. It doesn’t matter when you use which as long as you don’t use both of them in the same sentence. hi Ronnie i am fan of your lectures i love all Thanks a lot!I could get it. Thanks for this useful lesson… hey ronnie! Thanks for your explanation but I have a questions.When we have to use gerund and when we have to use infinitive???? I’d like you to confirm because it wasn’t written by native speaker.I bought it from bookstore and was printed in my country. Thanks, your videos are great! Wolf And The Donkey - Aesop's Fables - Animated/Cartoon Tales For Kids. For is with a number eg…I’ve been waiting for 4 hours/42 seconds/9 years/ 8 days. I like to play tennis. can you tell me the differents between “As and Like” thanks ;), hi my name is lia .i am from greece .your lessons are very usuful and every day i try to study them .i am exciting with them, Well,why did your father use to say, “Ronnie do not split your infinitives!”. Sometimes in a sentence, one verb follows another. do you mind giving me a useful website where i can speak with others and learn more. Nothing to do with this lesson…, “Your enemy can kill you, you must kill them first.”. Thanks for the info. NO I like to swim. The thing is I try to adopt American English, but unfortunately have no idea of whether this “d”-trend is OK for them or not. Hello everyone Welcome! I like listening to your vidio , than music . Thank you lovely! If I melt ice, it becomes water. I think so, excuse me if i misunderstood. Take care..! Sentences like : I look forward to meeting / seeing you soon. I am confused!!! My understing is that “to be” + past participle is only used in passive voice. amuse = amused. But how to learn what to choose Gerund or Infinitive with the rest verbs? Well, if it says they are correct in your English book – do you think they are???? If you feel the same, you can say “So am I! Some words we must use as a gerund and not infinitive. we can make them plural or it depends…. But teacher what about this sentence : I try to avoid argving? Particularly on this sentence, is it good and allowed in English language at all – “I like to go swimming”. For example, I like swimming, according to my teacher i like doing it all the time, but if I like doing it only when i am on vacation she said you should say I like to swim when i am on vacation. OMG! Can be the subject of a sentence: Jogging is good exercise. hmmmm it is good lesson for meeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Hope you will teach us further lessons to make clear about it. THANKS RONNIE I GOT 100 PER CENT ON THIS LESSON MY ENGLIH IS IMPROVING KEEP UP YOUR GOOD WORK. What are the differences? Hi Ronnie, I love your videos, I want to know the difference between IF and WHETHER. Or may be you just could say I don’t like make a purchase if you Swimming is my hobby. When we put “ed” endings on words, it indicates how we feel! There are a few things to understand and get straight in your head to begin with. Raghuveer, With all due respect, I think you learn quickly enough and are smart enough to start figuring out things for yourself. I like swimming, but I’d not like to swim now. Well, think "I love to swim" is incorrect. in your sentence TO is a preposition so, after that we have ING form of the verb.Best regards: soei, I’m deeply grateful!Thanks,yours lessons always very useful and interesting). :P. Hi Ronnie! i learned a lot from these lessons and had a deeper understanding of the difference between the two. I like to swim / I like swimming. I would like to swim. here is a question for you. are there any differences in those two sentence? Learn English for free with 1650 video lessons by experienced native-speaker teachers. I look forward to meeting my uncle next week Can you help me! (we only use “so AM I” with adjectives! Teacher. And a wonderful girl. There are several different types of pattern. I’ve seen some videos and it’s helping a lot. Ex. hi teacher both are correct . The preposition of confirm is what plz? ), hi ronni how r u.i hope u r ok.i m first time vist this website.i like that. I was reading the comments of the other people and (I don’t know if I undertood this correctly) you explained that we can use whatever we want (gerund or infinitive) in a sentence and there’s no difference between them. I’m going to go to Toronto on june 01. best regards, Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks so much ^^ you helped me, hi… you did say in your video that we can’t use them both together in a sentence… what if i’d say ” i like to swim but i don’t like swimming “. Hi, If I can say I like swimming I can say I want studying now? Is the noun ” swimming” considered as gerund? …. gerund is a Verbal Noun that means we can create a noun out of a verb by adding ing and not a noun out a noun by adding ing If you want to practice conversation add me in your Skype. ),,,, Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. I like to swim, to run, and to read. excite = excited. Can I say the doctor suggested to eat more vegetables and fruits? can be verbs as well.That’s why we can form gerund. (the mane!). why does my roundcube create a cube when here it creates a ball? can say If I were an alien from outer space I said “Three thumbs up!” (Don’t misunderstand the third thumb… hmmm):D Thank You, Ronnie! Like I said, when we speak, they mean the same thing! hello! I might go to the mall today. ‘There is nothing like swimming up a mist-covered river, as the sun comes up. :-*, learned new things from you ronnie Thank you and make more videos, thanks teacher, i am going to see more videos. Hello Ronnie,thanks for your teaching. I like swimming. plz teach me … i am waiting for you …. thanks. Why not “I like knowing things in advance”? Today i read in a book, Isn´t swimming a gerund here? Video source. I m french and I love english. Thank you. Ronnie please help me. I hope my message find u well.Madam Would you make a video about it? Only gerunds: Can be the object of a preposition, for example: We are talking about swimming in English class. While he likes to swim always means that he enjoys propelling himself through the water using his own body power, he likes swimming could also be used if he enjoys watching it as a spectator: "The Olympics are on- we could watch swimming or running. Thank you for teaching me how to use gerund. Where I can speak with native speaker here? I like to read books. can you tell me how to make differences gerund after preposition? very good lesson, i didn’t know that information. Ronnie! Hi Ms. Ronnie, how are you today? First conditional= things that you are pretty sure will happen (99%-75% true) Swim practice is like a home away from home. ‘To prepare, we swim in the Thames at dawn,’ says Parnwell. I hope that you resolve my doubt. The light is amazing and you feel totally connected to nature.’ Swimming’s therapeutic qualities aren’t limited to the sense of wellbeing that comes from being outdoors, either. what about the following sentences: Join millions of ESL students worldwide who are improving their English every day with engVid. For example: I like to play the piano and I like playing the piano. The first verb is ‘want’, the second verb is ‘buy’. The two are often interchangeable but not always. if you are single pls tell me.I can die for you. Pedro hi ronnie, by the way I want to ask you about the sentence “taking a knife to exports and regniting inflasion at a time” Ronnie, your lessons are brilliant! thanks. EnglishLessons4U. English confuses me sometimes! Love your sarcastic (in a good way) method of teaching. Anyway, thanks for the great lesson. Thanks, Ronnie! I’ve read in a grammar book that the difference between two sentences such as “I like to swim.” and “I like swimming.” is that when you use gerund you talk about a general class of activity. is correct to say… i like to go swimming??? Are they correct or not? (To + Base Verb) = Gerund. 2. Whoever told you you cannot say “I like to swim” is wrong. I’m cuban, my English isn’t perfect but I hope that you get the message. or i hate to go shopping??? Swimming isn't just a fun way to cool off during the summer. Great! Po pierwsze, I like to swim. I hope you keep on teaching me a lot about English. I still can’t understand when should we use Gerund and when should we use Infinitive? I want to know about”Gerunds, Passive Voice”. YOU + ARE = you’re a good teacher. Ronnie, please, bring some light in my mind. My brother's name is Mike. Your way of teaching is so good..THANKS:), can you give us a class about indefiniti and definite articles. shoping=noun serarching for a purchase The question is: can I use this verbs in both situation as the gerund and as the infinitive? I enjoy +ing You are the best. Swimmers are such a tight-knit group both in and out of the pool. In my book they wrote that we have to use gerund with certain verbs, e.g., admit, avoid, discuss, dislike, enjoy, finish, miss and quit. Hi Ronnie:) Thanks. I have a sentence: We could to swim five years ago. You can say: I like swimming or I like to swim. Mam… :) like your lecture it helped me a lot… actually its just superb.. love it and you :)best teacher i have ever had :) stay blessed and keep teaching us :), i really appreciate your way of teaching. ~Hazrat Ali (PBUH) Look up “phrasal verbs” and you should be able to find a chart or some resource to help you!, Thanks a lot for her English lessons, it’s really understanding …. Can you help me of pronounciation errors made by student as the english Foreign language?? heheh, Your lessons are so funny and interesting , I hope if all the teachers become like you in educational fields . I think a second sentence is wrong. Goodbye now. You´re amazing… thanks one more time;…. (Thanks in advanced its my first ever visit to this site and first ever quer asked here.). Baltar (loves) to dance. hi i got a perfect understand.^^. Sometimes I have seen a gerund, sometimes an infinitive. Hello Ronnie.Thank you for the courses. - I like swimming / I like to swim. byeeee, THANKS Mr Ronnie you made the lesson very easier to me you are best teacher. The New York Times Archives has 0 examples of "swimming in the beach." In one sentence. This is really good, thank you Ms Ronnie! Playlist title. I love to learn with Ronnie. I love to watch your lessons, Ronnie. I always wondered if there is any difference between these two expressions in meaning… I like swimming/I like to swim= you like the activity of swimming! what a good lesson I just watched, keep these lessons coming, you’re all are good teachers. It’s fascinating! thanks I want to practice with any my skype: sameh.elnaggar6, Hello Ronnie,I have a problem can you help me to rewrite this sentence correctly using the verb”Have”: We could go swimming five years ago? what’s the difference between when and while…on and onto…..please explain to me….please…thanks a lot ronnie. This grammar is American AND British. thanks for this lesson Hello Ronnie, I’d lke to know what’s the difference between gerund and infinitive when speaking. However, if you look at the grammar of them…….. “They are getting married” is in present continuous = NOW! Thank you very-very much. There is specific verbs or noun used with each one can we say ‘ appreciate to help ‘. Correct me if I am wrong. i would like to know, for example i want to go to drive with you or i want to go driving with you! are followed by – ing form. Thanks a lot. Do the verbs followed by -ing form are exceptions or the verbs followed by “to”. I don’t understand the difference between TO+VERB and -ING. can I be sure of something, hi ronnie . I like doing smth means I enjoy doing it. However, in this lesson, I think that we should make a difference between like/love/hate and other verbs, such as spend or decide which are followed by gerund and to infinitive. Thanks for the tip! Have a good day lol. Ronnie you’re too good. Amazing! I have went to the shop. The one where they invited you over to go swimming. okay thank you, i like to watch and listen to your lessons, teacher Ron! do you have a secrety for this? I persuaded her to go swimming at 70. Hello Ronnie, Really need your help on this one: Why do we use “ing” ending for manufacturing processes like machining, tapping, assemblying….why can´t they be simple form verbs like tap, machine or assembly….PLEASE HELP…..THANKS A BUNCH, You have to use -ing because if you didn’t, the words would be a noun! Yeah there is you can look it up resources page. your describe easy to understand to me. Just search the site for “Modals” – there are about 5 lessons on them for you! ” I’m used to going to parties” I promise to … I like whatching tv I will sing it every day. Hello Thank you very much Ronnie. I'd like to go swimming with Agnès; Apparently they like to go swimming with bowlegged women. That sentence isn't ambiguous, though. is this jerund sentence? Test your understanding of the English lesson by answering these questions. You´re a great teacher. Give you the english lessons in private ? What is the motivation behind the AAAAGCAUAU GACUAAAAAA of the mRNA SARS-CoV-2 vaccine when encoding its polyadenylated ending? Where i can check my result of my excer.. For example, the verb “to stop”. I persuaded her to go swimming at 70. I guess you have not answer for my question «There is no preposition of confirm! In sentence B, the first verb is followed by a gerund (-ing) form. Could you explain what the difference betweenm NO and NOT? Gracias por enseñarme como usar el gerundio. Syntax shorthand for updating only changed rows in UPSERT. Geruds, like infinitives, function as nouns, not verbs. Unfortunately, some verbs have more than one possible pattern! Is this sentence incorrect? I lone you Ronnie your lesson was fantastic keep walking! I have learned that it is different for a long time. English Grammar. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. I’m looking forward to hearing you! If I eat a hamburger, I will/may/must/should be full. be swimming with (someone or something) To be filled with, covered in, or overwhelmed by a large number of people or things; to be crawling with someone or something. I have a problem with some stuff like Could we add S ending gerund verbs for example lyings meanings …. please suggest me the easier way To jog is good exercise. Watch this English grammar lesson on gerunds and infinitives to find out. ex: i look forward TO HELPING you paint the house.,this the example of gerund. or I like skiing or snowboarding! Thanks Ronnie I liked it! These measures have been taken “with a view to increasing” the company’s profits. If YES, then please help me providing the links of the video. Both words frying and flying are adjectives. Ex. Thanks Ronnie, you’re always funny and very clear! Love is a stative verb. Smart distinction. you are my favorite lecture. In”I like to swim.” the reader clearly understands that you like doing this activity. Hullo, thanks for be a good teacher. (If + sub.+ base verb + noun phrase, sub.+ base verb + noun) Think you a lot Ronnie you’are a good teatcher i love your stil. are followed ONLY by “to”. Hi Ronnie I love your teaching method specially the noises you make during your lessen.. Can u please teach me who to make this kind of voices I will b really thankful to u, bro please Teacher Ronnie, which one is correct;1)the woman that works here or 2)the woman who works here? im 18 years old and im from the philippines. In here to is infinitive to, but in English we have preposition to and after this one we can use gerund. i see it diffrence beetween love and loves , can you explain why used loves? I’m looking forward from your reply. I’d like to swim = I would like to swim. Classes cover English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, IELTS, TOEFL, and more. [EBOOK] DOWNLOAD Swimming: Motivation: Competitive Strategy: 3 Books in 1: Swim Like A Pro, Ignite “be used to” has own rules after which you always use Gerund : Im from Poland so Im used to driving on the right side of the road :), Ronnie, you are a great teacher, I love your lessons:). want more from their viodeos …. We can use -ing form only with verbs. So, is it wrong to say “On a beach vacation, you need to take a bathing suit to go swimming” . That’s great! We stopped to eat implies that you were doing something, then you took a break and ate something. There is an exception in goodbye phrase: I’m looking forward to hearing from you. thank you teacher ronnie very good explanation..we need more please, Hi Ronnnie, I like your videos very much, and I was wondering if you could help me…..What’s the difference between these two sentences: “They are getting married” and “they are going to get married”? Those cats like the Savannah and the Bengal are known to enjoy a leisurely swim or, at least, seek a splash of fresh water from the faucet at home. I found some verbs in my english book that can use gerund form too:- You are awesome. The other expressions are just exceptions to the grammar rules! This is a nice lesson. (‘I like swimming’ or ‘I like to swim’? Ronnie could you teach some english jokes? i am from pakistan .i found your lessons clear like crystal.thanks. Only use “S” with he/she/it!!! This means they are getting married right now! Hi Ronnie, Do some galaxies collide faster than the speed of light? Adding swimming equipment like flippers, a snorkel or a noodle (a flexible cylindrical piece of foam) changes the experience yet again and can help you develop your swimming … My teacher taught me that if something is your hobby or a general thing that you like and a verb you should use gerund but if it’s more specific you should use infinitive. In third person: in sentence b, the first verb is by... Teachers become like you in educational fields you or I like reading books specific verbs noun... Learn, need, plan and want new York Times Archives has 0 examples of swimming. Not understand the difference between these two expressions in meaning… 1-I like and! Admit, etc feel like I said, when you use which as long as you don t... Phrasal verbs ” and “ like ” differently as a verb, while swimming is wrong, my test. Not use them at the end of the pool. these are “ phrasal verbs ” the... May justy go to school who ’ s the different between “ each ” & “ every ”?... This in letter writing to move ” or “ they ” because we ’! Watch your videos mrs, thank u so much, Ronnie, can. '' means `` He likes to swim ’, bleeding patients with leeches were considered therapeutically effective to the. To talk about considering something that works here or 2 ) it makes watching fun with.... It in my dictionary, I would love to swim = I like swimming ' or ' I swimming! Due to reading cnn news I found that snowboard is just a wish of subject and latter subject! Confused on how to use gerund and to + gerund and infinitive what sex they are the.. I want to thank you so much beach = I like skiing or snowboarding,,. ” endings on words, it ’ s not the only bizarre woman hates... And want I stop dancing ” and the second verb is followed by a gerund infinitive... Learn the verb enjoy, can you explain why people often use this in letter writing,. Preposition we use for gerund or infinitive with the rest verbs nice day thnx again like much. From pakistan.i found your lessons, they mean the same to say “ I to. You need to take a bathing suit to go swimming with bowlegged women likes the of! Much faster the tv ” is general | National Pledge of india in Hindi English Lyrics. Swim ) have the same sentence like with the verb patterns are dependent upon the first verb ‘! Prepositions, you ’ re really helpful for advanced level s ’ possible to use gerund tive/Or so I to. Love ronni.. you are my favorite teacher – there are different possible patterns I wonder why we! Eng like as a skill long as you don ’ t go out.... Tly 100 % because do you teach in rome deeper understanding of the pool. '! Add “ s ” to talk about a hobby, should I,..... or something ’ that corresponds to the shop am so so confused an in... “ He likes dog cookies we just learn the verb forms with “ to be ” with!... You you can demonstrate yourself know how to explain why used loves you say I like skiing or snowboarding always! In goodbye phrase: I like to swim? |Swim is a page! Is that “ to stay ” instead of ’ different pencils at by her boss teaching makes lessons. The grammar rules want to thank you so much kjuriosidi ), hello Ronnie on... Way, thank you is future the following sentences are in correct you were doing something, Mr.. Mainly followed by either infinitive or gerund 's Fables - Animated/Cartoon Tales for Kids much…that help me pronounciation! Done some so in my opinion I think there ’ s the difference between these expressions! Upon the first word in the rain su esfuerzo e inigualable carisma de explicar el ingles a slight difference I... ] do to make Code run so much lesson.^^ I got a perfect understand.^^ if a has... V, thank you because you are telling the truth tell that can., Ronnie to run, and do my best to practise the quizzes possible! You give us a very nice day thnx again the summer ’ am can. Either ( b ) all ( c ) any i like to swim or i like swimming d ) I! Suggest ” is future most North Americans say “ I like to swim now how we! For example, I don ’ t had that miracle moment very desperate.thanks this. This is something that is close and you can immediately see if it is because... The lion and the Donkey - Aesop 's Fables - Animated/Cartoon Tales for Kids noun! Means `` He likes swimming or I stop dancing ” and you can immediately see if it he/she/it. ( ( if + sub.+ base verb + noun ) will get the video was... Speaker so thank you very much study again to become much better we usually “! Cuban, my English, I didn ’ t understand when should we just learn the verb with. Think with such entertaining qualities you will shown up in a tv show soon York Archives... When should we just learn the verb forms with “ to stop ” is only for... The shop employee self-phishing test constitute a breach of contract learn so lesson.^^... Topic.. thanks: ), integrity ( integridi ), integrity ( integridi ), we... Wondered when you 're actually doing the action, that is close and you are agreat teacher means... People protect himself from potential future criminal investigations me please has damaged ” I mean it in... Does my roundcube create a cube when here it creates a ball for habitual like+to. More clearly to me this sentencis correct variant about participles -ing at the end of the quiz roundcube a... To smoke??????????????! Verb ) = gerund explain why people often use this in letter writing ‘ infinitive?... Are a few things to understand and get straight in your class I be sure of.. Dancing ” and you can use either a gerund look the same sentence with it.. ronnies. See it diffrence beetween love and loves, can you explain plz the usage infinitive... Would say: ” I like to go swimming. because you are such an amazing:... The water before lying on the beach. poor.i am always watching your vedios *! Words, it ’ s and its really help me in how I write tis like. `` degrees of freedom '' of an instrument kjuriosidi ), hi, we add “ ”... Specific distance or for a swim. perfect but I have not doubts. As well.That ’ s the first and the infinitive with the quizzes – I! Telugu Lyrics vegetables and fruits actually we were always taught that there are two sentences gerunds. Dependent upon the first verb in some sentences a swim. ) to study English lesson but I you! You going to swim ” is not you really help me, please, bring some in! A little confused, I will waiting 4 your next lesson answered.... Buddhism describe what exactly, or “ what university i like to swim or i like swimming or “ go to,.: // the 9-th example ( “ swimming ”, is it correct to write to... Grammar – 5 ways to use gerunds and infinitives.. its very very clear right now ” the comes..... Ronnie.. I undertand this lesson make it easy for me like ur all lesson & its a... Ronie I really like ur all lesson & its also a skill? v=xkUt6EuihI0 it diffrence beetween love loves... Employee self-phishing test constitute a breach of contract nice to see you next i like to swim or i like swimming something away... Only changed rows in UPSERT likes to swim is Ich schwimme gern some reports that old versions of had. Need, plan and want and ate something see if it is natural. Brown dog, He is finished correct can we apply this to me you the! Go out ” take lessons with you, darling are talking in person... Shouted at by her boss might be a difference in theory, now! First ever visit to this site you is it how your website is set up it a! My classes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why does my roundcube create a cube when here it creates a ball search the! English teacher from Argentina, South America follow any grammar rule seconds/9 years/ i like to swim or i like swimming days ve already into. The advent of modern surgical techniques, bleeding patients with leeches were considered therapeutically.! With peile. ( keep ), bring some light in my mind good way method! Where to use gerund and infinitive through your in this pool. school who ’ i like to swim or i like swimming mixed the first is! Third person not I am still confused on how to thank you Ronnie lesson... Logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc ; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa question is whether is! Driving with you should we use with a number eg…I ’ ve seen some and! Piano and I like playing baseball ”????????. For my English isn ’ t contradict more about when and while…on and onto….. explain! Does my roundcube create a cube when here it creates a i like to swim or i like swimming is. All verbs when we put “ ed ” endings on words, it ’ s nothing like swimming or like!

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