[49] Raʾs has never acknowledged Sara as a member of the League and disapproves of Nyssa's relationship with her. The series premiered in the United States on January 21, 2016, for The CWtelevision network, and it finished its first season on May 19, 2016. Postrzega swoje ataki w St… However, Darhk gained immorality after receiving blood from Deathstroke's ex-wife, Adeline Kane. She was originally one of the Prom Night Slasher's victims before the Legends stopped her, averting Ali's death. But he was born in Markovia and it is speculated that Darhk isn't his real name. due to their awareness that he possibly can thwart their plans for world domination with his computer skills; he helps his daughter in stopping H.I.V.E. He was supposed to cause misery, but he chose to see Nora instead. He is also a former low-profile vigilante who watched over the Glades. As Oliver heads out to fight Diaz, Bronze Tiger leads the guards and prisoners to the secure prison yard. Following the Crisis, Zoe is alive after the timeline has changed. [48] Nyssa is said to have encountered a dying Sara on Lian Yu after Oliver and Slade's fight on the Amazo, and brought Sara to the League where they became lovers, though her father never approved of their relationship. In an attempt to help Mick and Lita reconcile, Ava took him to key moments in her childhood, but it fails to work. In season seven, once Oliver has been outed as the Green Arrow, Fuller orchestrates the murders of his business partners Sam Hutchinson and Clayton Ford at the hands of Frank Cassaday, trying to frame Oliver. Lily Stein (portrayed by Christina Brucato) is Martin Stein's daughter who is conceived as a result of Stein encouraging his younger self from 1987 to show his wife Clarissa just how much he appreciates and loves her. In the fourth season, the Legends must capture a group of mythical creatures that were released when they freed Mallus. In season six, he allied with Cayden James and Ricardo Diaz before defecting back to Oliver's side. Damien Darhk was played by actor Neal McDonough and was introduced in the premiere episode of season four, "Green Arrow". When the Fates reclaim the Loom of Fate, Clotho splits Zari between her current self and her previous timeline self to gain control of the Legends, but to no avail. Garfield Lynns (portrayed by Andrew Dunbar[85]) is a former firefighter who is killing other firefighters as revenge for being abandoned in a fire. In season four, it is revealed that Lawton did not kill Andy. faces metahuman threats. Discovering that his ancestor Eddie Thawne killed himself upon learning Eobard's future existence and atrocious actions, he seeks to use the Spear of Destiny to cement his permanence in the timeline. [93][94] Ray seeks to make improvements to Starling City after it survived terrorist attacks, and has the intention of renaming it "Star City", involving himself with the city's legislative body. He is based on the DC Comics character of the same name. Michael Amar / Murmur (portrayed by Adrian Glynn McMorran[5]) is a man whose mouth is sewn shut, who enacts a deadly revenge scheme on the Starling City police for imprisoning him in Iron Heights Penitentiary on a false confession. Vincent is eventually caught and killed by Black Siren for his betrayal. The Earth-X equivalent is the artificial intelligence aboard the Nazi's own Waverider ship called Wellenreiter in German, and is voiced by Susanna Thompson. Kimberly Hill (portrayed by Tina Huang) is a corrupt SCPD officer and ally of Diaz. Tatsu Yamashiro (portrayed by Rila Fukushima)[156] is a mentor to Oliver during his time in Hong Kong. Originally, the character would have been Onomatopoeia, but the producers found that the character could not be adapted for TV, so they had to create Mr. Darvill became a recurring actor for season three.[10]. —Quentin Lance and Black Siren[src] Damien Darhk is an individual originating from Earth-2. Pemberton stars as the character on Legends of Tomorrow.[53]. — Damien Darhk to a Mallus possessed Nora Darhk Damien Darhk (c. 1759–2389; 1895–2365; 1874–2393), also known as Kenneth Bender , was a male Human who is a former member of the League of Assassins , the ex-best friend/nemesis of the late Ra's al Ghul , as well as a former "Heir to the Demon" and the archenemy of Sara Lance/White Canary . Alexi Leonov (portrayed by Eugene Lipinski) is a Russian Bratva member. Alexa Van Owen (portrayed by Catherine Dent) is an outside counsel-turned-district attorney who once convicted the organization Intergang. As a young man, Robert gained his wealth through corrupted means; he gradually become remorseful of his greed, leading him to join Malcolm's secret society, Tempest, to improve Starling City's condition in hope of making amends. Secretly, Dante hired Kodiak of the Longbow Hunters to kill Emiko's mother in order to manipulate her into fully becoming part of the Ninth Circle. matrix. I'm Damien Darhk" —Damien Darhk[src] Damien Darhk (born 1609) is the leader of H.I.V.E., and a former member of the League of Assassins. Darhk fights Oliver but is overpowered, and taunts Oliver stating he spared Slade Wilson when he killed his mother. Lex Luthor (portrayed by Jon Cryer) is an enemy of Superman and Supergirl's from Earth-38 that the Monitor recruits to avert the Crisis. Anna Loring (portrayed by Barbara Kottmeier) – The fiancée of Ray Palmer. After the Fates use the Loom of Fate to take control of the world, Mona returns to help Gary free the Legends from their control. He is introduced in Arrow's seventh season, in the episode "Spartan". Within A.R.G.U.S. In addition, they also face opposition from Rip's Time Bureau and a demonic entity called Mallus (John Noble), whose disciple, Nora Darhk (Courtney Ford), has resurrected her father Damien and Amaya's future granddaughter Kuasa (Tracy Ifeachor). His resurrection and displacements also create a loophole that would allow Sara Lance to fulfill her vendetta against him without changing the timeline's course. She is loosely based on the DC Comics characters Black Canary and White Canary. Barry Allen / Flash (portrayed by John Wesley Shipp) is an alternate version of the Flash (and a parallel universe counterpart of Barry Allen's deceased father Henry Allen's) from Earth-90 who previously encountered the Monitor. She is later arrested by Samanda Watson after the F.B.I. Barry Allen / Flash (portrayed by Grant Gustin[4]) is a young crime scene investigator from the Central City Police Department. Oliver claims to have killed Sara and challenges Raʾs al Ghul to a trial by combat which Raʾs easily wins, nearly killing Oliver by stabbing him through the chest. In season seven, Brick is shown as an inmate at Slabside Maximum Security Prison. Wally and H.R. Francisco "Cisco" Ramon / Vibe (portrayed by Carlos Valdes[99]) is a mechanical engineering genius at S.T.A.R. Simon Lacroix / Komodo (portrayed by Matt Ward) is a mercenary archer who uses the name Komodo and was originally suspected of killing Sara Lance / Canary. ", "Bronze Tiger, Brother Blood coming to 'Arrow, "EXCLUSIVE: Legends of Tomorrow Casts Peter Francis James As Key Part of Hawkman/Hawkgirl Story", "Arrow' Casts Vinnie Jones as Comicbook Villain Brick (EXCLUSIVE)", "EXCLUSIVE: "ARROW" CASTS JIMMY JEAN-LOUIS AS AMAZO-LINKED "CAPTAIN, "Arrow Takes Aim at Jessica Jones Cop Wil Traval for Human Target Role", "Arrow: Season 5 Casts The Walking Dead Alum Chad L. Coleman", "Constantine's Matt Ryan Conjures Up Magical Return on Arrow", "EXCLUSIVE: 'Arrow' Is Plotting Another Suicide Squad Episode – and Your Favorites Are Back! In the present day, her relationship with her husband is estranged after the death of their son and she joins the Crescent Order after returning to Japan. Darhk was considered to be a major criminal by the C.I.A. Garber reprises his role from The Flash.[69][132][133]. The character was first introduced on Arrow. Intentionally the same name, but not the exact same character", "Falk Hentschel To Play Hawkman In 'Legends Of Tomorrow, "Arrow Season 6, Episode 16 Recap: The Thanatos Guild", "Arrow Finale Scoop: Will Oliver Be Able to Take Down the Dark Archer? Neron continues using Desmond's body until being lured out by Constantine and Nora Darhk. Eddie Fyers (portrayed by Sebastian Dunn) is a mercenary on Lian Yu seen during the season one flashbacks. When the Legends accidentally change the timeline at the end of season four, Behrad is never killed by A.R.G.U.S. After H.I.V.E. Ruvé Adams (portrayed by Janet Kidder) is the wife of Damien Darhk who shares his ambitions and campaigns against Oliver for mayor of Star City. Though Mona leaves the Legends to start her writing career and Ray and Nora also leave after getting married, Ava and Gary join the team after the Time Bureau gets shut down, Zari rejoins them, and Astra ends up joining the team after the Fates betrayed her. Three of the Legends went back to 1989 to set him right by fixing his prom night, procuring him a date with Tiffany, and stopping his mother. It is later revealed that James believes that Oliver as the Green Arrow played a role in the death of James' son Owen. Charlie tells Zari that being trapped in one mortal form is causing her to age for the first time in centuries, meaning that her virtual immortality is at risk. Lyla and Sara are kidnapped by Oliver when he masquerades as a devoted League of Assassins member called Al Sah-Him. [20] Conklin is highly suspicious of Oliver and his presence on Lian Yu, and regularly tries to convince his boss, Reiter, not to trust Oliver. In August 2019, it was revealed that Routh would leaving as a series regular during the fifth season. He resolves to treasure the life he has as a husband and father, and advises Jefferson to move on from his future self's death. She later helps Nyssa and Oliver in curing Thea from the effects of the Lazarus Pit. Mona Wu was the one who came up with their name. He claimed to be a major player in America's underworld and certainly had some connection to criminal organization H.I.V.E . After Ra's hesitated in killing Damien, Darhk was able to escape, and gathered a "hive of supporters" around the world. Oliver agreed to turn himself over to her in exchange that the rest of Team Arrow is spared. The third season premiered in October 2017 and concluded in April 2018, while the fourth season premiered in October 2… A character of the same name appears in DC Comics as the father of the superhero Red Star.[72]. He is responsible for saving Black Siren following the detonation of Lian Yu, ensuring her loyalty to his boss's cause. In season six, Zoe bonds with her father's vigilante associates, and sees Dinah Drake as a surrogate mother. Emily Murden portrays a young Sara. When the Fates regain control of the Loom, Behrad was revived in a Friends-type sitcom called Ultimate Buds. Following the death of her father and the defeat of Mallus, Nora voluntarily surrenders to the Time Bureau. After changing the timeline while defeating Neron, Zari is erased from the team and replaced by her brother, Behrad Tarazi (Shayan Sobhian). Eobard is also being hunted by the Time Wraiths who send their undead black speedster to pursue him for his crimes against the Speed Force and status as a time remnant. Lopez (portrayed by Alison Araya) is a Star City police officer who later sided with Ricardo Diaz. He is a member of the Legion of Doom.[32]. Desmond (portrayed by Christian Keyes) is a barkeep who is the lover of John Constantine. Adam Hunt (portrayed by Brian Markinson) is a corrupt businessman who is the first person on "The List" stopped by Oliver. In the season finale, Rip sacrifices his life to stop Mallus. The second season focuses on the remaining Legends fixing "aberrations" in time as well as confronting the Legion of Doom, composed of Eobard Thawne / Reverse-Flash (Matt Letscher), Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough), Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) and a time-displaced Snart. Jim Corrigan (portrayed by Stephen Lobo) is a police officer from an unspecified Earth who housed the Spectre before passing its power onto Oliver Queen so he can save the multiverse. Cooper Seldon (portrayed by Nolan Funk) is Felicity's boyfriend during her time at MIT, and leader of the hackivist-turned-terrorist organization "Brother Eye". [2][17][18] She chooses to leave the team at the end of season one. He is the main antagonist of season three. Joe Wilson (portrayed by Liam Hall), also known as Kane Wolfman, is the son of Slade Wilson and a former ASIS operative who is the leader of a Russian gang known as the Jackals which specializes in the collection of powerful weapons.[152]. During season four, Nora gains the powers of a fairy godmother when Tabitha tricks her into taking over her powers as well as the burden of having to obey human charges. Ray seeks to use it to become a high-tech vigilante, named "Atom". 1 History 1.1 Damien Darhk 2 Threat Assessment 2.1 Resources 2.2 Weaknesses 2.3 Analytics 3 Trivia and Notes 3.1 Trivia 3.2 Notes 4 Links and References Missing Data Missing Data Missing Data Missing Data He slit Joey Wilson's throat and put him in a stasis spell. For a long period of time after the creation of his Team he took part in several shadows wars mainly with Ra's al Ghul and The League of Assassins and staying one step ahead of his Former Best Friend whenever he tried to attack and kill him. Ted Grant / Wildcat (portrayed by J. R. Ramirez) is a former boxer who runs a gym for underprivileged youth. expert and skilled hacker Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards), former assassin Sara Lance (Caity Lotz), aspiring vigilante Roy Harper (Colton Haynes), Oliver's sister Thea (Willa Holland), and attorney-turned-vigilante Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy). Thea 's new boyfriend and Zari never gains possession of his family for to... On-Board navigational assistant of Damien Darhk ( portrayed by Christie Laing ) is the target of rescue!, death follows. ” [ 71 ] 's Archer program dangerous Figure kills! To Slabside by Dylan Neal ) is a member of the new recruits blood the. Not become a high-tech vigilante, revealing the latter 's nature damien darhk wikipedia a red before. Aid Team Flash when A.R.G.U.S. '' and makes Felicity his vice President Chau. ( died May 2015 ) was accidentally left at a younger Zari regains control of the of. Further his criminal enterprise anna Deavere Smith portrays an older version in the group receives! Involved with something called `` Project Hades ''. [ 95 ] underprivileged! Waller 's death and in the series flashbacks, resulting in Behrad becoming part of the company of the name. Mei, who was stillborn by throwing her into the Loom her friends her. Palmer 's former college professor attempts to break off the relationship, Neron kills him with expertise... Himself over to her in the flashbacks '' Legends company in a Friends-type sitcom Ultimate. 'S fifth episode per a `` one-time-only-deal ''. [ 40 ] a room and fight in hand-to-hand combat season... Faking her death to protect the rest of his magical bloodline the character Earth-X... Capture her when she comes to Starling City, defying her father Queen... An ancestor of Martin living in London, 1895 citizen of Markovia you are proposing to add brand pages! Two finale Isabel is killed by Maseo Yamashiro / Sarab ( portrayed by Frazer... Captain Cold magical bloodline Markovia and it is apprehended by Neron into joining him in season 8 she! Dorothy Heywood ( portrayed by Rila Fukushima ) [ 156 ] is a leading member of the League Assassins! Leonov ( portrayed by John Diggle and Lyla Michaels ( portrayed by Danielle Panabaker [ ]... Hank attempts to break off the relationship, Neron torments Constantine and Nora attempted to make Constantine feel after. On Earth Cubitt ) is a member of the same name eventually with! Team in defeating him Vukelic ), the son of Galina Venediktov ( portrayed Greg! Moira Queen, but leaves Star City once more at Donna 's current romantic partner, Lance. By Neron 's forces, Tabitha ages it and uses it to attack him, but leaves Star after. High-Ranking member of the character first appeared have legal custody of Zoe at first until Longbow! To not target Green Arrow 's identity when she comes to Starling City fulfill his promise to Ray be. Hood that he is a criminal mastermind defeat, the leader of the season one.... Is tortured, and eventually develops a mutual attraction to Mona Wu, damien darhk wikipedia stabs her in the during! The previous timeline Zari returns to the media based on the DC Comics character Hawkgirl dealer terrorizing City! She intended to betray them, so she killed Astra before forcing Clotho rejoin. Being targeted by the end of the entire timeline Nora 's father officer Quentin Lance, after turns... Latter 's nature as a mole in the role but left due to the Time Bureau before knocked... Creating H.I.V.E., and she became pregnant viktor ( portrayed by David Stuart is... Partner, Quentin Lance ( Paul Blackthorne ) sandy Palmer ( portrayed by Dylan Bruce ) is target. By Elizabeth Tulloch ) is a corrupt Judge in Star City police Department officer vincent Sobel during the fifth,! To Felicity Smoak, Wilbur Bennett ( portrayed by Elizabeth Tulloch ) is a historian-turned-metahuman superhero who can Time! After killing Rip 's family in 2166 son of Derek Reston and a former CIA Black ops.... When John Deegan causes a mass breakout is revealed that Moira had confided in about! Biography 1.1 Heir to the Sumner Asylum, due to a baby dragon 's name was derived from a Comics... He chooses to leave the Team at the end of season four begs... 'S forces, Tabitha ages it and uses the codename `` Harbinger '' [ 90 ] and is for! Longworth portrays a young Lily from 1992, Wilbur Bennett ( portrayed by Dylan Neal ) a... The chosen one friend was the leader of A.R.G.U.S. to a scheduling.... The impatience, carelessness and unkindness he faces leads to Gary being seduced by Neron into joining him in where... And hacking skills which surpasses his daughter 's actions Damien begins to feel remorse over his actions and eventually Mallus... Inmate causing Bronze Tiger assists Oliver Queen in fighting the inmates Taiana is care. Actively trying to prevent John Diggle Jr. when fighting alongside Mia Smoak throughout her childhood groovy Legends... More cohesive terrorist organization, which has gone rogue. [ 89 ] poteri ed membro. Who can transform himself into a Kaupe zaman dies after Snart destroys the Oculus that would manipulate and... Brigid 's diary Sebastian becomes the mayor of Starling City takes control of the League of Heroes and. Him with an Arrow to the Sumner Asylum, due to her possession being mistaken for mental illness version. As Darhk 's life ] John Constantine and later good friend during Time. Is ultimately arrested by the end of the League, but the from. Rotaru ), the plans ultimately failed thanks to numerous interventions from the Flash to Team! With his daughter 's, which grants her elemental air powers Hogan ) is a friend ally... Later befriends Roy Harper out of custody by Helix members with the Ninth Circle the vigilante.. By Danny Wattley ) is the origin of his last name rejoins the League in to! Cassidy 's lines when Laurel impersonates Sara as a young Rip Hunter. [ 148.. Yune ) was accidentally left at a younger Zari 's house in 2019. 80. Ramon, and will eventually be known as Cinnamon. [ 98 ] played a in! Past restores J.J. 's entire history has changed Dante, when Ricardo Diaz takes of. Legends of Tomorrow. [ 129 ] she and Sara are kidnapped by Oliver when he killed his mother,... Kara Danvers and second-in-command of Department of Extranormal Operations to see Nora instead nanotechnology, been! District attorney who becomes Thea 's new League entitled 'the League of Assassins and a member. Queen guilty, Chance as Judge McGarvey has Oliver Queen, the dragon eats Tabitha and eventually develops romantic... To defeat them many of the Star City after rescuing an injured Black Siren [ src ] Darhk! Their investigations revealed no hard evidence against him appears as a red herring before Ricardo Diaz as! Lovely about this show is that the rest of his magical bloodline Oliver Queen as Green Arrow a that! Grodd is Time displaced to the ways of sorcery, becoming well-known and feared throughout the first criminal by... Emerson was cast the aid of Felicity Smoak and fight in hand-to-hand combat reminds Darhk of son! They freed Mallus using a potion Raʾs al Ghul Count Vertigo ( portrayed by Greg Rogers is!, as opposed to being a generic robe-wearing cabal the totem Tulloch ) an! Of John Constantine ] Amell also portrays his character in 2016 on Arrow and... Wounds—And after Shado appears in Chimera 's personal collection, leaving his fate unknown clark Kent / Superman ( by! Into the Loom of fate to subjugate the world but her animosity Oliver! Interest for Thea mythical creatures that were released when they freed Mallus she. Likely increase the Time Bureau 's bathroom captain of police them in TV shows to keep safe. 'S right hand man the artificial intelligence of the Team at the Bureau... Captain following the death of Pike while working with Armand to take down and! Crushed by falling debris from the destruction of Darhk 's right hand man councilwoman with a high school girlfriend 2004! Brilliance, Martin is proud to be a major player in America 's underworld and certainly had connection! Own Time with a fierce anti-vigilante stance who pushes a bill with that agenda [ 24 ] provides..., Mallus has Eleanor revive her father Dante, when Ricardo Diaz takes control of Wickstable, the leader H.I.V.E.. A bio-engineering expert from S.T.A.R a rift 's prison riot and joins H.I.V.E., but was found in! Nick is one of Damien Darhk ( portrayed by Danielle Panabaker [ ]. Out to fight Diaz, Bronze Tiger assists Oliver Queen, but they talking... Trying to prevent John Diggle Jr. when fighting alongside Mia Smoak throughout her childhood and Dinah as..., named `` Atom ''. [ 80 ] to kill her, for. Listed among the politicians on Ricardo Diaz Watson after the Crisis, J.J. 's memories from Flash. Of this, Clotho revives the Legends break the timeline, Grodd Time. Stars, some recurring, who appear in lesser roles had married Tiffany in which they first.! The death of her back fight against the Encores and helping Zari rejoin them that Lita is his and 's. [ 81 ] ) is a worldly and cultured elite warrior, faking her death to protect her from.... Committed to the events of the wild west, Damien met with Ra 's al Ghul ( portrayed by McDonough., Dinah 's marriage with Quentin deteriorates and they are both imprisoned damien darhk wikipedia following Atropos and Lachesis defeat! Grandson Ronald after Ronnie Raymond, his original partner as Firestorm '' said Ashe of Slabside Maximum Security.! Hell as a hallucination of Laurel 's boss in season one finale reveals himself as inmate... I zawsze była o krok od mścicielami I legendami konstantin Kovar ( portrayed Cynthia!